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McNeill Designs for Brighter Minds, LLC.

Twisted Fish

The old game of go fish just got a very challenging twist. It isn't child's play any more! 3X Award Winner including Winner of The Creative Child Magazine 2007 Game of the Year!

Thirteen unique Fish characters in five different colors, plus eight unique "Zingers" that allow you to break the rules, makes "Twisted Fish" a unique fun game. "Twisted Fish" challenges you to remember every question asked at the table. It is challenging and fun right down to the very last card! Ages 6 and up for 3-6 players. MSRP $10.00

"I have a serious soft spot for this game even though I may never win a game of it. By changing couple of rules and adding a few elegant special cards, Martin Uniacke has taken a ho-hum kid's game and turned into a challenging, and surprisingly social game. There is a memory element which is why I'll never win, but that is offset somewhat by the special cards. The artwork, done by a professed amateur, is charming." —Aaron Weissblum, multi-award winning game designer.

You've been Sentenced!™

Is the next great party game. A 7X award winner, this game will keep the whole family or classroom laughing hysterically! 540 cards that contain conjugations of words, famous names and places make it fun and easy to create a funny sentence that you then have to justify to the rest of the players who become the jury and vote thumbs up or down on whether your sentence gets to stand and score! Ages 8 and up for 3-20 players. MSRP $24.95

National Parenting Center Seal of Approval Winner Fall '07 testers had this to say…
A completely fun and funny game, our testers had a blast forming sentences, or what they believed were sentences. The jury (other players), are the ultimate arbiters here and that's where much of the fun and laughter comes in. Game play is quite fast which was a big plus with our game playing testers. There are multiple variations on the game play, this allows for new twists to constantly be introduced and encouraged. Many testers told us that this game would be a family favorite, one that they would happily take along on vacations and pull out frequently on Family Game Nights.

Sentence Add-On Decks

WATCH for the NEW NASA Space Terminology Add-On Deck due this fall!

Our current 5 Add-On Decks to You've been Sentenced! make this 7X award winner even more fun by making it your OWN game. Language is now YOUR game!

  1. Reader's Digest Word Power Challenge Deck– Build your vocabulary, in a fun new way. Try to use these not so frequently used, high scoring words in your sentence!
  2. Gourmet Cuisine Deck- Famous chefs, exotic spices and ingredients, and all of the kitchen gizmos and gadgets necessary to cook up some delicious sentences!
  3. Pop Culture Deck- Do you know who's in and who's out in the world of music and Hollywood? Check out what current names and places make this deck hilarious!
  4. Sci-fi/Fantasy Deck- Set your phasers for stun and prepare for a warp speed ride through the most memorable names and places of the sci-fi/fantasy world.
  5. Sports Highlights Deck- Ready, set, hike! Action, names and places from all of the major sports. Hit your sentences out of the park with this deck!

Reader's Digest Word Power Challenge Game
Vocabulary just became fun! Straight off of the Word Power pages in Reader's Digest Magazine, these three decks in one box will give you hours and hours of fun while you learn a whole new lingo in three different categories. A 3X award winner, it is guaranteed fun and kids won't even realize they are learning but you will when you hear them use a whole new vocabulary!

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