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About Newsline Publications:
Newsline Publications, Inc. develops and markets unique educational solutions including games, workshops and programming. The mission of Newsline Publications, Inc. is to strategically plan and create innovative products to stimulate the mind, educate target audiences and provide hours of entertainment. Headed by 20-year education and public relations veteran Barbara S. Goldman, Newsline launched in 1995 with Itís News To Me, a current events adaptation of a traditional trivia board game, where players reference any newspaper to answer questions.

Information about Itís News To Me Newsflash! Cards™:
The perfect companion for a newspaper! Itís News To Me Newsflash! Cards, edu-tains players, challenging them to answer questions, make decisions and ponder current events while referencing a daily print or online newspaper. To answer questions on the 55 Newsflash Cards, players are led on an adventure through each section of a newspaper. Suitable for solo or group activities for ages 8 and up.

  • Encourages communication and listening skills.
  • Sparks imagination and interest in todayís events.
  • Opens the world of news in understandable terms.
  • Analyzes news stories for a clearer understanding of how issues affect a community, family and individuals.
  • Always new and always timely because the answers change with each new issue of the newspaper.
How to order Itís News To Me Newsflash! Cards:
Wholesale orders begin at: $100. Shipping charges: FOB Pittsburgh, PA
Card decks can be personalized in quantities of 500 or more
Contact -- Newsline Publications, Inc. via email:, via website, via phone: 412.781.0595, via mail: Newsline Publications, Inc., PO Box 8114, Pittsburgh, PA 15217.

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