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P.A.W. Prints of Illinois was founded in January 2007 by Stacy LeFevre, a mother inspired to create the Miss Gigi-Mae Tether System (patent pending) by her infant son -- a champion thrower! Since then, she and her design team have worked to expand the Miss Gigi-Mae line, a brand of products dedicated to innovating solutions to everyday caregiver challenges. P.A.W. Prints follows a three part philosophy: (1) Do it right the first time; (2) Stimulate curiosity the old fashioned way; and (3) Make it easier -- take some of the challenge out of caring for infants and toddlers.

Our unique problem solver, the Miss Gigi-Mae Tether System (patent pending), attaches to strollers, high chairs, carriers, shopping carts, and many other sites where baby is awake but restrained. She sports six retractable tethers that end in oversized, child-friendly clips (4) and velcro loops (2) where caregivers can attach baby's toys, books, and food dispensers to keep them off the floor and constantly in reach. No more baby fetch!

Our Tether System is designed in the image of our lovable ladybug, Miss Gigi-Mae, who appears in our a-to-z book series, Miss Gigi-Mae Learns to Read. Our books are made from lightweight, washable PEVA and shipped with a permanent grommet and plastic ring for easy attachment to our Tether System.

P.A.W. Prints products are tested at three points during production to ensure only safe, quality materials are used consistently from beginning to end. We're also BPA-free because we use materials like ABS and PEVA rather than poly carbonate to manufacture our products.

Shipping/Order Restrictions
We ship anywhere in the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico. Discounts are available for buyers who purchase minimum quantities. Special incentives are available to first-time customers.

10% off orders when purchasing a minimum quantity of Tether Systems and Miss Gigi-Mae Learns to Read attachable books.

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