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RandomLine creates award-winning, innovative games called the SQUIGGLE® Series that stimulate creative thinking and provide a wonderful play experience for all.

Alphabet SQUIGGLE® on-the-go
This on-the-go version of Alphabet SQUIGGLE allows children to have fun while learning their letters. It’s a unique and clever game that engages their interest, improves their penmanship and strengthens their vocabulary as it stimulates their creativity and builds confidence. For all letter learning ages, $6.95.

SQUIGGLE® on-the-go – Encourage and stimulate creativity with this imagination-challenging traveling doodle pad. It’s the answer to keeping kids to adults entertained. Compact enough to go anywhere, SQUIGGLE® on-the-go provides hours of enjoyment.

The object is to turn a squiggle; a random line, into a picture. Who knows what you’ll see in your squiggle, it all depends on which way you look it at and that is determined by spinning the arrow on the back of the game. It comes complete with a built-in spinner board, 200 unique squiggles, pencil and on-board pencil holder. For ages 5 and up, $6.95.

Alphabet SQUIGGLE® - Introduces letters to kids in a fun and clever new way! Kids will learn and improve letter recognition, stimulate their creativity and even strengthen their vocabulary. Children who are just learning letters and those who already know them well will enjoy playing this out of the ordinary game.

Players move along a path of letters. For every letter they land on, the players must find that letter on the outside edge of the board and either trace it or write it from memory on the sketch paper provided. If they're feeling creative, they can turn their letter tracing into a picture, write a word that begins with that letter, or create a drawing that begins with and reinforces that letter. For ages 4 to 7, $19.95.

SQUIGGLE® - Here’s a team game that will finally put to use the countless hours you’ve spent doodling mindlessly. Players are given a random line drawing, known as a “Squiggle,” to start with, and then have 60 seconds to turn it into a picture. If their teammates can correctly guess what the drawing is, they are awarded points. Best of all, a roll of the die determines what direction your squiggle will begin, so that each game you play will be fresh and unique. For ages 8 and up, $19.95.

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