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Our mission, to delight and instruct, grows from our developed belief that we never lose our childhood delight in toys. The love of play and playthings is instinctive, and can be nurtured throughout our lives. As the late artist and scholar John Darcy Noble, curator emeritus of the Toy Collection at the Museum of the City of New York, once wrote: "Play is a natural human function. The very making of a doll can be play, and so can the collecting of dolls, the preserving and displaying of dolls, the cherishing, and above all, the sheer thrill and delight in the possession of dolls. All this, to my mind, is an exalted form of play." He mentions only dolls, but Mr. Noble would have been the first to insist that his philosophy extends far beyond dolls to all other toys.

At the heart of our endeavor is the creation of comprehensive and beautiful books that will be treasured by collectors or children, or by both alike. Appreciating the work of like-minded publishers, manufacturers and artists, we seek, too, to identify and select the best of their work to complement our own offerings, that we might be a complete source for those who love fine toys and books about them.

To this end, then, we strive to expand the knowledge, understanding and appreciation of old dolls, teddy bears and other toys, and to encourage and celebrate the creation of new ones.

Founded by Thomas W. Farrell and Krystyna Poray Goddu in January 2003, Reverie Publishing Company is headquartered in Cumberland, Maryland, with editorial offices in New York City.

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