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Rumba Games Inc. is a leader in the creation, manufacture and distribution of innovative, award-winning board games for all ages. With a core line of well-loved game titles such as Survivor: The Game and Urban Myth, and a series of exciting new games for 2004/2005, Rumba is gaining a strong reputation as a pioneer of original board games that are unique in the marketplace and in wide demand by consumers.

Survivor: The Game (ages 8+), licensed from CBS Consumer Products, plays exactly like the hit TV show with players breaking up into two tribes and competing in a series of hilarious and creative 'immunity' challenges around the home, from juggling oranges to singing the theme song from The Love Boat. Lose too many and the tribe must go to the ballot box and vote a tribe member 'off the couch.' Urban Myth (ages 12+) is all about the stories you've heard from a friend of a friend's cousin. Are they true or myth? Did Marilyn Monroe have 11 toes? Are there really alligators in the sewers of New York City? The truth is in here! A multiple award-winner, Scaventure Kids (ages 6-12) is instant fun in a can that gets kids searching for something other than the remote at birthday parties, sleepovers and other get-togethers. Oxford Dilemma (ages 12+) is an award-winning wordplay challenge that combines spelling, trivia, strategy and chance in one great game.

New for 2004 are: Read'em, the word-building card game you can bet on; Typecast, the game of over 400 really unique people; Guesstimation, the game of astounding facts and figures; Sound Effects, the CD guessing game and Trivia by the Pound, the most trivia fun for your dollar with six great titles from Music to Pop Culture.

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