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Savita Games Inc.

Global warming has melted the great ice sheets. No Polar caps remain. The oceans are free. Iceberg memories... that's all they are. Gone are the magnificent harbours that once dotted the shores of every land. The waters have risen more than 80 meters. Land is everything! Millions are starving. Fertile plains are no more. The great grain belts of the world have been tightened. Tension runs high yet there is hope. Four rallying hosts prepare in haste. One dominion can save but a few... the race is on. Armies are raised with every man coming forth. Unite and fight... conquer or be lost. Combine your forces, assemble your fleets and breach the storms. Clouds clear for one last stand. The prize is yours... ANTARCTICA.

Savita Games is proud to present a totally new experience to board gaming.

Our revolutionary new layered play surface is the first innovation to come to board gaming in many years. Our flagship new board game 'Antarctica'‚ incorporates this feature making moveable weather a part of the game complimenting our Global Warming theme so resonant today.

The quest to capture, the now, ice-free Antarctica is sure to be a crowd pleaser. If you like strategy games‚ you will love 'Antarctica'.

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