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Les Entreprises SynHeme inc.

Handy, colorful and most importantly educational, SynHeme's products fulfill the entreprise's mission: "Enjoy learning". With specialized playing cards and posters, anyone can learn the basic and advanced chess openings theory, music scales, guitar accords, chemistry elements and more.

New! —periodic Table playing cards
This double deck of cards has one card per element. Each essential characteristic of the element is present on the card: The atomic number, the name (in English, French and Spanish), the symbol, the mass, the type of the element, the melting and boiling points, the period, the group, the habitual state and a symbol is added to easily identify to the radioactive elements. In a sturdy plastic box to maximize protection, both decks come with a set of 2 games rules. Each game is fun and "enjoy learning" oriented.
The decks double also as high quality traditional playing cards.

New! — Human bones playing cards Every bone of the human body on 52 cards! Each card illustrates one or two bones using vivid color for easy recognition. Each bone is presented in its context with its name in English, in French and in Spanish. Two cards illustrate the bone structure and the Jokers serves as index.

Chess openings playing cards
Whether you are a youngster learning chess, a casual chess lover or an avid chess club player, these cards will help you improve your game. Each card has the Chess Encyclopedia reference, the opening name, the moves for White and Black, a diagram of the key position and the following most commonly played moves. Three advanced decks offer a wide spectrum of chess variants. All these can be used as traditional playing cards. A great way to learn!

Music playing cards
These beautifully design cards help beginners and experts' guitar players to learn new scales or accords. Each card has two diagrams of a guitar's neck. Color coded markers clearly identify the roots of the scales and show the player where to put its fingers to play the referred notes. Below the diagrams, a staff with the g clef, the scale and the accidentals is presented. This section can be used by any music player, not just guitarists. The scales' names are written in three languages: English, French and Spanish. One deck has 52 C scales, an other has all the twelve Major scales as well as all the Melodic minor scales, the Harmonic minor scales and the Natural minor scales.
The third deck of cards introduces 52 guitar's accords ranging from the most commons to the wildly exotics. Each card has four diagrams of the key fingering positions. The accord's name, a staff, notes and degrees complete the cards. The playing cards can be used in a traditional way as well. Hours of fun! Weeks of practice!

The Self Defense Game
Kids can learn self-defense techniques as they play card games. The goal of the game is to repel all attacks by creating sequences of cards that represent actual self-defense techniques. This game is educational, fun and easy to play.

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