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New! The Ninja Monkeys in "The Orbs of Doom"

Play along with your favorite three monkey characters "Ninja Style' as they try and save thier world from pirates, kittens and other scary creatures using the weapons known only to Ninja Monkeys "The Orbs of Doom"

"The Orbs of Doom" is a new twist on the old favorite "Marbles". Players shoot thier orbs through the portals to the super secret ninja monkey world collecting black belt degrees on thier way to becoming The ninja Monkey Master. 2 players or 2 teams, For ages 6 and up. The Orbs of doom will keep your little monkeys and your little ninja's entertained for hours

Monkey Poker is a new card game designed for ages 8 and up. It was originated and developed by Kansas entrepreneur Wes Smith. "The inspiration came," says Smith, "from putting down the video games and playing Texas Hold'em with my own 3 monkeys (kids) and the realization that poker doesn't have to be confined to smoky bar rooms and casinos. It can also be enjoyed at the kitchen table, or anywhere a family can gather."

The game also has quick setup and takedown so that you can have more fun than a barrel of monkeys playing Monkey Poker.

"We wanted a game that was high energy, fun and easy," says Smith.

Monkey Poker is interactive fun for all players, card sharks and beginners alike. However, Monkey Poker is a lot more than just a deck of ordinary playing cards. For example, the included Go Bananas cards ™ incorporate random events and player changes inspired by everyday kids games. Once again, the geniuses at Three Monkey Games have turned a classic game on its ear and came up with something BRAND NEW! Introducing MonkeyWinks! The popular indoor game that is easy to learn for kids, and formidable enough to appeal to adults wanting a special challenge.

Like its predecessor, MonkeyWinks is a game played with sets of small, thin discs (called winks) lying on a special felt mat. Players use a larger disc (called a squidger) to pop a smaller disc into flight by pressing down on one side of the smaller disc. The basic goal of an informal game (easily playable by young children) is to cause the smaller discs to land inside a pot or cup. The formal game has a more robust set of rules, goals, and strategies suitable to serious competition for adults and older children.

MonkeyWinks is interactive fun for all players, pros and beginners alike. However, MonkeyWinks is a lot more than just a flipping disc game. For example, the included "Go Bananas"™ cards incorporate random events and player changes inspired by everyday kids games.

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