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Tinker Minds, Inc.

AeroBloks by Tinker Minds™was conceived and designed to be the premier Build-It-Yourself dramatic play set that delivers far above and beyond forts and tunnels.

Recently joining our multiple award-winning product lines is AeroBloks-Bubble, refined from market feedback and a visually stunning set.

What makes AeroBloks by Tinker Minds™ truly exceptional is its unique combination of the best-in-class features and benefits. None of other products in this category has the total advantage of this well-engineered building system that uses furniture-grade vinyl and air to ensure maximum benefits for both adults and children.

First AeroBloks-Bubble counters the drawback of large size by deflating completely into sheets that can be easily moved around or tucked away. Contrast this against solid material which will occupy precious storage space even after being disassembled. Equally important is safety features. Here AeroBloks-Bubble stands out with its softness, rounded corners, lightweight yet extremely sturdy design. Coupled with a semi-transparent material that gives kids their privacy yet adults their monitoring ability.

No other play sets come close to the realism that AeroBloks-Bubble produces. A canoe, airplane, train, or chair built with AeroBloks-Bubble truly looks like the real thing. No additional sheets, blankets, other accessories, or loose connectors are necessary to make a complete structure.

The most important aspect for a product that sells is the “fun” factor. Kids can manipulate hinge-like movement of parts to make hidden doors and windows that really work using any of the AeroBloks-Bubble’s 16-connecters on the block. Products that focus on low cost simply could not come close to affording this fun factor. Another consideration is whether kids can play without breaking apart the play setting or structure. AeroBloks-Bubble structures are highly stable, and its connectors are extremely durable yet easy to use. Kids don’t have to worry about leaning on, sitting on, or even lying down on these squishy and highly attractive pieces.

Each block is 20” in length and 5” in height.

AeroBloks-Bubble comes in two packages:

  • 12-piece (10 squares, 2 triangles) Fun Pack
  • 22-piece (16 squares, 6 triangles) Versatility Pack

Each AeroBloks-Bubble package is complete with an air pump and a comprehensive Activities and Building Plans Guide for endless creativity and fun. So if you are looking for a smart play set suitable for construction, dramatic play, and educational learning experiences, you need to look into AeroBloks by Tinker Minds™ product lines.

For more information on the company and our line of products, visit or email Wholesale Terms: Net 30 for accounts with approved credit. FOB Long Beach, CA.

Mention and receive free AeroBloks by Tinker Minds™ carrying bags for each set you wholesale.

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