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TC Pets™
My head is a pillow so we can snuggle up tight...
My body is made so you can store things right...
But best of all I have a secret space...
So you can keep your special treasures in just the right place!

About Treasure Chest Pets™
Treasure Chest Pets™ began when Sandra Castillo approached 7 time inventor/licensor Lisa Lloyd to help her bring her newly patented invention to market. Lloyd's products have grossed over $30 million in retail sales and Castillo hoped to leverage that success and license her new patent to an existing successful company.

Lisa licensed the patent from Ms. Castillo and, with a small group of investors, has redesigned the product, set up manufacturing, and applied for additional patent protection.

TC pets™ became a proud member of TIA and launched the new line of "Plush Organizers" at shows in 2008.

Play, Store, Organize!
This is not just another plush product, but our patented toy is actually an organizer in disguise. TC Pets™ are specially designed with bodies that hold and store accessories on the outside and secret compartments on the inside for special treasures. Organizing has never been this fun!

Safe for children
TC Pets™ is proud member of TIA, and we are dedicated to safety for children. As such, we have made sure that TC Pets™ adhere strictly to all ASTM F963 (USA) & EN71 (EU) standards and regulations.

Customer First
We realize we have two customers, the consumer and the retailer. It is our greatest desire to be acknowledged as an industry leader for designing and manufacturing cutting edge plush toys that kids love to play with and retailers love to sell!

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TREASURE CHEST PETS primarily manufactures/wholesales products in the following categories:


3865 E. 34th St., Suite 106 Tucson AZ 85713
Tel: 520-722-9545
Fax: 520-722-2840

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