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WESKEL Games first began in 2002 with the introduction of an all inclusive asset allocation game called "Portfolio"and has expanded by designing a Junior, child friendly version. This year we are adding a third game called "Petfolio," based on the many animals we love, aimed at the 3 - 6 year olds.

Paul Miravete, the mastermind creator and owner of WESKEL Games got the idea that the consumer needed an asset allocation game that would be fun, engaging, challenging and educational. Shortly after creating "Portfolio Masters Edition" it was decided that WESKEL Games could make a spinoff for the young players and thus manufactured "Portfolio Junior," for 5 - 8 year olds. After receiving many awards for "Portfolio Junior" the company concentrated its efforts to making an animal game for 3 - 6 year olds, understanding the strong need for cute, family friendly games, called "Petfolio."

At the core of the company is the belief that the games must be perceived to encompass family values, that they are engaging and sometimes educational, are of good quality, are unique and most definitely fun! And you can always recognize a WESKEL Games game by its outside design that captures four different colors, one color on each side of the box. And how did the name WESKEL get its origin, my son WESLEY and my daughter KELLI of course, the two principal motivating forces behind my ideas and two of the best focus group critics you could ask for. And they can be found on the back of the "Petfolio" box. WESKEL Games looks forward to enriching the lives of many thru play and to our friends at Kids Wish Network whom WESKEL Games will contribute a portion of sales to their little heroes in need. So pull up a chair get around the table and play and have fun!


Ages 3 to 6
Petfolio will delight children and parents with its simple-yet-fun introduction to the pets and animals they love. In this fast-paced and quick-play game children collect pets, and along the way, have fun imitating their unique sounds and gestures. But be careful not to loose your pets, which happens when a player lands on the "Empty Net" space. First player to build their Petfolio wins! Petfolio - your child's first pet game is adorably fun!

Portfolio® Junior
Ages 5 to 8
We can all agree that Monopoly rocks when it comes to board games, but what outlets are there for younger real estate moguls? Why they diversify by playing Portfolio®. All the elements are here to corner the market, but on a much more simplified level. There is trading, banking and as an added twist, puzzle building that levels the playing field and makes the experience more balanced. Kids loved being the banker, which surprised some of our parent testers, because it involved elements of math, clearly something not normally embraced by their children. -TNPC 2004 Holiday Review

Portfolio® "Master's Edition"
Ages 12 and Up
Portfolio® is a strategic game of finance and asset allocation that's fun, fast-paced and not real difficult to learn. Players buy stocks, bonds, a fund and accumulate cash all while dealing with inflation, economic factors, quarterly loss/profits as they compete to build their personal Portfolio®. There are trivia questions that allow players to choose, from easy to more difficult, for money reward. It's a non-threatening way to test your level of knowledge or learn in becoming a Portfolio® Master.

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