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The Duel Masters™ Survivors of the Megapocalypse™ set has cards with THE MOST POWER EVER— including the 15,000 Power BILLION-DEGREE DRAGON!!!!! And “Survivor” creatures like Ruthless Skyterror Q and Smash Horn Q give off amazing powers to others! New 60 card set available January 14th, 2005. Get ready to Rule the Duel!

Duel Masters™ Shadow Clash of the Blinding Night™ Booster Packs contain MORE Light and Darkness cards THAN EVER BEFORE! So…Acquisition-mad minors possessed with a feverish intensity to RULE THE DUEL are preparing an assault upon your store as you read this! ORDER NOW and be ready! Available in November '04.

The Tin is In! Don't miss out on the Shadowclash Collector Set ™, loaded with two 40-card decks containing four exclusive premium cards and two additional premium cards, two of which are exclusive, sneak preview, premium cards from the upcoming Survivors of the Megapocalypse™ expansion. Sure to be on every Duel Masters fan's wishlist! Available in September '04.

The hottest game in Japan is here! Throw down in the battle zone and duel at a higher level! The Duel Masters Starter Set is bursting with shield-bashing creatures and mind-warping spells! Each starter set includes:

  • Two 20-card training decks that can be combined into one tournament deck. Decks may contain duplicate cards
  • 1 Dreamwave Duel Masters mini-comic
  • 1 exclusive Duel Masters Rothus, the Traveler premium card
  • 1 quick-start guide illustrated by Shigenobu Matsumoto
  • 1 rulebook
  • 2 Duel Masters playmats
  • 1 D-MAX membership offer
  • 1 bonus pack of booster cards

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