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Wood Expressions, Inc. has been manufacturing, importing and distributing games from around the world since 1977. Chess is our specialty and we carry a wide selection of styles that are manufactured in a variety of materials. From the very traditional hand carved and hand polished Staunton Chess pieces to The Simpsons Chess set.

We also carry many other beautiful games such as Backgammon, Cribbage, Dominoes, Combination Sets, Travel Sets, Casino Accessories, Mahjong, Go, Senet, Captain's Mistress, African Stone Games, and many more. We are constantly searching the world for the best in chess and other board games.

The wide range of price points for our games helps us cater to many different types of stores and needs. Our customers include catalogs, websites, game, toy, hobby, billiard, tobacco, luggage, book, department, jewelry, museums, libraries, golf, and gift stores. Every year we exhibit at several trade shows to introduce our new products and offer our vast selection to our customers.

We can create an exclusive product that is tailored to your specifications for many of the products we offer. We differentiate ourselves from the competition with our licensed and exclusive products while being committed to excellent customer service.

Here are some of our products:

  • 12-562:Exclusive and New! Gorgeous and timeless chess set. 21 Redwood chess board with triple-weighted, handpolished, Ebony and Kari wood chessmen with leather bottoms, 4" king.
  • 17-1012: Simpsons chess set, folding 15" board with a 12" square tin case, plastic molded chessmen, 3 " king.
  • 26-9018: Exclusive 3-in-1 (Chess, Checkers, Backgammon) Camphor wood set, 18 " board, Sheesham and Kari wood chessmen, 3 " king.
  • 37-8406: Exclusive Double 6, thick, ivory colored dominoes in a Camphor wood case with a horseshoe latch.
  • 39-2221: Exclusive American Mahjong set in a Camphor wood case with a horseshoe latch, 21" x 9", tiles, 2 wood trays, 4 wood racks, and money.
  • 49-2316: Exclusive Senet, Ancient Egyptian wood game with pullout drawer for storage, 16" x 5".
  • 49-8211: Exclusive Captain's Mistress (4 in a row) Wood (11 1/4" x 9") with wood balls.
  • 49-9412: New! Sudoku It has a wood board and pieces with pull-out drawers, 12" x 12". Completing the puzzle requires patience and logical ability. It is the hottest game on the market right now and can be seen in daily newspapers as well as trendy magazines.

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A WOOD EXPRESSIONS INC primarily manufactures/wholesales products in the following categories:

Wooden Toys
Licensed Products
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16719 Gramercy Place Gardena CA 90247
Fax: (310) 327-7772
Toll Free: (800) 729-5963

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