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Xtra Fielder is a non-aggressive game for 2 or more persons. When the batter hits the ball. He runs the bases. The ball is picked up and thrown to the “Xtra Fielder.” If thrown ball lands in the net before the runner reaches the base, the runner is OUT. If batter his the ball into any “Xtra Fielder’s” net, he is OUT. Pitch the ball into the net and it’s a strike. Normal strike rules apply. Three strikes and the batter is OUT. Have Fun…SAFELY!

See the video demo! Video Link

The Xtra Fielder Backyard Baseball Net System includes:

  • 4 net systems
  • 4 orange bases
  • 1 pitching rubber
  • 1 wiffle brand bat
  • 1 wiffle brand ball
  • 1 multihole ball

We also sell other sets from single strike zone nets to the deluxe set.

Xtra Fielder Eliminates:

  • Hitting runners with the ball
  • Arguing over balls and strikes
  • Questionable safe and out calls
  • Injuries from getting hit with the ball

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