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Always Play Fair, LLC is a company dedicated to expanding the message of sportsmanship and fair play through its mascot, Packy PlayFair™. Packy PlayFair, who was recently announced as the National Mascot for Good Sportsmanship, is a fun, hip, pachyderm who knows what’s cool about sportsmanship and fair play. Packy™ makes mistakes, like all kids, but learns from those mistakes and tries to do better the next time. Packy makes doing the right thing fun and cool.

Always Play Fair™ Game
This award-winning, interactive board game featuring Packy PlayFair, for kids ages 6-12, is the first in a series of products to be released by Always Play Fair to help kids learn about sportsmanship and fair play.

The board game has received rave reviews from parents, educators and coaches and has won a Seal of Excellence from Creative Child Magazine, The National Parenting Center’s 2004 Seal of Approval and is an honored recipient of an iParenting Media Award. More importantly, focus groups have shown that kids think the Always Play Fair game is fun and that Packy is cool!

To play, players pick their favorite Packy PlayFair game piece from the nine sport/play activities. Starting youngest to oldest, players spin the spinner to move around the board and see what the cards have in store. Each card teaches a valuable lesson in sportsmanship and fair play. If Packy does the right thing, the player moves ahead - a slip-up results in a move back. There are twists and turns throughout the game that enable players to pick the best course to follow. The first person to move around and collect all the letters of “PLAY FAIR!” wins the game.

Minimum Order: one case (six games)

Packy PlayFair™ Plush Sports Balls
It’s a Packy plush. It’s a ball. It’s both!

Start with a ball, then open the Velcro, turn it inside out and you’ve got your favorite Packy PlayFair dressed in sports attire. 8” round plush turns into a 15” plush Packy!

Packy Plush is available for basketball, football, soccer and baseball.

Minimum Order: eight plush balls

To apply for special pricing rates, please mention Minimum order amounts apply.

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