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Emines, Inc.

Emines is a leading manufacturer of innovative, hands-on math games for classrooms and homes. Our math games make learning Engaging and Fun!

Each game introduces different basic math skills and reinforces math concepts necessary to succeed in school. The games are fun and can easily fit into small lots of extra time in the classroom or at home.

In the classroom, our games encourage cooperative learning in highly motivating ways. They provide young students with early and valuable experience in working and solving problems together.

At home, playing our games will help you interact and have fun with your children! These math games provide a much-needed opportunity to talk, laugh, and develop key memories and family traditions - in addition to learning mathematics.

Finally, we believe that when children are having fun, they learn. And when children learn, they succeed.

Roll 'n Multiply ™
This multiple award winning exciting multiplication game assists younger players in basic multiplication skills and challenges players proficient in multiplication. Roll 'n Multiply teaches multiplication, encourages cooperative learning, and enhance strategic thinking. Simply roll the dice, multiply the numbers, check the answer against the multiplication table and plan your strategy. Sounds easy but what happens when your opponent blocks your space? You don't want to be captured. Includes 2 10-sided dice, 44 playing pieces, multiplication table, playing board, game tray and instruction manual. Plan on 5 minutes to learn the game and 5 to 15 minutes to play the game. Two players. Ages 8 and up.

Fraction Whirl I ™
New from Emines Inc., the creator of Roll 'n Multiply-Fraction Whirl™ I. This unique and fun card game that takes the mystery out of learning common fractions. The colorful fraction cards - represented in dots, squares, pie shapes, and fraction notations - help players understand the relationship between different fraction representations. As the cards whirl around the table, players try to collect 4 matching fraction cards and be the first to grab a Whirl token. The trick? Not every player gets a token, so players need to pay attention to both the cards and the tokens. This game comes with 2 sets of cards, 1 for beginning and 1 for advanced levels of play.

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