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Cartoonist Gene Hamm (creator of Toysmith's popular PPROFESSIONAL CARTOONIST KIT) introduces CARTOONING: SHORTCUTS, FORMULAS, & CHEAP TRICKS, the new DVD that takes you from basic shapes to drawing a comic strip. It's a lively and informative completely self-contained drawing course on DVD. With scene selection you can jump to the lesson you want. Each lesson is short enough for teachers to squeeze in a drawing lesson. The DVD comes with a slideshow of guides and blank comic strips that can be printed so you can draw along with the TV. One characteristic that makes this product stand out from all others that are otherwise exactly like it: "It always bothered me when I watched artists on TV showing you how to draw. Their hand was always in the way. I designed this DVD so the line draws itself, so you can always see how the drawing develops."

MSRP: $19.99
Wholesale Pricing: $11.99 on 5-9 units, $9.99 on 10 or more units.
Age range: 8 and up
Gender: Girls and Boys
Launch date: June 25, 2007

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