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Our expertise lies in games. Our passion lies in games, and as a consequence our product line consisits of games. Board games, outdoor games, sports games and parlour games, no video games (sorry).

For 2001, we have introduced a line of 3 dimensional board games. Checkers, Chess, Tic Tac toe and Backgammon. All are dynamic looking and play according to the rules of their original counterparts with only one twist, the games are played in 3 dimensions. They are much more fun and more challenging than the original versions, all are boxed and priced to retail around $ 9.99.

In addition, we have introduced a line of Classic Outdoor Games. There are four items in the line packed on blister cards. Each blister card comes with an assortment of componants to play three seperate games. For example, Assortment #4 includes Hopscotch, Jump rope and Jacks. Contained on that blister is a set of colorful jacks and a jacks ball, a 14 foot jump rope, a 7 foot jump rope, hopscotch tokens with a box of chalk and a stencil to draw a hopscotch board. Each assortment comes with a booklet which describes in detail how to set up and play each game. Other games include Boxbaseball, stickball, Hit The Penny, Scullie and Boxball. This are priced to retail from $7.99 to $8.99.

Finally, for 2001, our flagship item is a five foot long bowling game. Rack N Roll Bowl, features pin resetting, ball return, a hook ball launcher, scoring pad and instruction sheet. In fact, this game is a scale replica of an actual bowling lane and is incredible fun to play. In addition, we are offering a downloadable program from our website so that those who would like to have scoring on there PC's can obtain it for nothing. Packaged in a really sharp retail box this is priced to retail from $25.00-30.00.

Comming up for 2002, we have an action packed baseball game, outdoor golf automatic tee machine, A casino pit and a table top pool game.

Our company was founded on three priciples. 1) We only manufacture quality products, 2)The retailer must make their markups, and 3) everything we make has to be fun to play with.

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