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KSA International

A board game which teaches children as young as eight about business and investment in the global environment?
—While also offering hours of wholesome, interactive family fun and entertainment?
—As well as improving children's individual math, geography and reading skills while they're playing?.

Yes. It can be done. It has been done! Its name is Crackernomics, a highly original and innovative board game which is the first of four aimed at teaching kids the basics of investing and business in the global environment. It is being launched by KSA Interactive Games, a division of KSA International, one of the world's most acknowledged and experienced designers, developers and suppliers of business simulation games for the corporate and educational environments.

Crackernomics, a highly interactive board game based on the principles of learning through play, is just the first of four vertically interfaced games to be offered to the market. Each of the three subsequent versions of the simulation game, aimed at sequentially older age groups, will build and overlap on the previous model by incorporating increasing business reality and complexity into the play.

Through the use of child friendly buying, selling and trading of Cracker Mills, Crackernomics introduces children ages 8 and up to the idea of the world as a marketplace. While playing, kids learn about:
  • making decisions,
  • managing investments,
  • balancing accounts,
  • communicating with others and negotiating trades,
  • identifying investment opportunities and risks.
  • and calculating Returns on Investment (ROI)

And, through their travels with Will Trader, the entrepreneurial wood duck, accompanied by the wise owl Professor Hootee and the scheming raccoon Bandee the Bandit, youngsters also begin to learn about the different countries, economies and cultures of the world.

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