January 19, 2022

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TOY FRENZY! Levels of Sponsorship

Get Involved and Get Promoted Throughout 2008!

By Alison Marek

If you're looking for a novel way to promote your company throughout 2008, TDmonthly Magazine is now lining up sponsors* for its new short-feature documentary, TOY FRENZY! - Only the Fun Survive. This exciting project will focus on up to three new companies at Toy Fair 2008, document the show itself and interview successful toy manufacturers to find out how they overcame the challenges of their beginnings.

Established companies can benefit from the year-long promotional opportunities afforded by TOY FRENZY! by becoming a producing sponsor.

The varying levels of involvement and subsequent perks are outlined below:




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*Sponsorship does not include or imply creative input, though sponsoring companies may be consulted by TDmonthly editorial and documentary crew members. Magazine reserves the right to cancel the project at will, returning all funds to sponsor(s) at that time.

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