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February 2015 | Vol. XIV - No. 2

Don't Lose Tween Cusomers to Video Games and Computers - Games Workshop Can Help

From model painting to wargames, Games Workshop has everything your tween customers are looking for

By Justina Huddleston
February 2015

The following is a paid advertorial.

Your store is set for infants & toddlers, has preschool toys galore, and your customers couldn't ask for a better selection of toys for tween girls. But when it comes to tween boys, many specialty toy store owners struggle.

Well, your struggle is over - Games Workshop is here.

Games Workshop's products tap into interests that many tween boys have - action games, war, grotesque monsters, brotherhood and the glory of battle. However, unlike video and computer games, these are hands-on toys that help kids develop motor, artistic, team-building and logic skills. Kids not only build, paint and design their figures; once completed, they can play elaborate games using the fruits of their labor.

You may have heard of LEGO therapy. As with LEGOs, Games Workshop products can be used to help develop social and communication skills in differently-abled kids - everything from learning how to take turns while playing the game to deciding with a partner the best way to put together their model.

Over at Special Needs Jungle, Tania Tirraoro shared how Games Workshop helped her son with Asperger's move on from his former, isolating obsession - computers.

"He became interested in wargaming. Not computerized, but Games Workshop wargaming, painting figures and playing board games with them. This was a revelation and we've been quick to support him."

As a retailer, Games Workshop toys can provide you with unique ways to connect with your customers and community, by hosting in-store events for gaming and painting models. These events were essential for Tania's son. They helped him foster camaraderie with his peers and build new social skills while receiving guidance on building and painting his figures from store staff.

"Most Sundays I take him to Games Workshop where he paints alongside a few other boys, instructed by the fantastic guys who run the store. These guys are amazing - always on hand to help in a low key, let-them-get-on-with-it sort of way. They're not teachers but my son is learning valuable skills both social and practical," she shared.

Games Workshop products also helped her other son, who suffers from dyspraxia (a motor coordination disorder), focus on a task that is normally very challenging for him - painting. Because of how the figures are integrated with the games, they're not just models - they're exciting elements of war that will come to life through game play once they're completed. Even though painting requires lots of motor skills, because of how much he loved the figures and games, her son was willing to really concentrate on accomplishing his goals and completing his projects.

Games Workshop products could be the element your store needs to reach tween boys of all abilities. If you're interested in learning more about carrying their products in your store, contact Games Workshop today.

Space Marine Tactical Squad by GAMES WORKSHOP

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Dark Vengeance by GAMES WORKSHOP

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Sisters of the Thorn/Wild Riders by GAMES WORKSHOP

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