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Games Workshop is the largest and most successful tabletop fantasy and futuristic miniatures company in the World.
• An established company for over 30 years.
• Sales operations in the UK, the United States, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Japan and Australia
• More than 3,800 independent toy, comic, game, and hobby shops around the world stock our products.

THE HOBBY - Games Workshop is not just a game - it is a life long hobby.
At the heart of the hobby are the millions of enthusiasts aged 12 and up who spend many of their waking hours collecting, creating, painting, building, and commanding beautifully painted armies on carefully prepared tabletop battlefields.

A collection of models that hobbyists form over a period of time ranges greatly from small scouting forces to huge armies containing many hundreds of miniatures. Games Workshop products are not single purchase lines, which guarantees continuous sales all year round!

Do you want a customer group aged from 12 - 60+?
Do you want a customer group that returns to your store time and time again?
Do you want an easy to manage range of proven best selling products?
Do you want your business to be advertised for free on both our website and best selling monthly magazine?

Contact a Trade Account Manager today at 1-800-394-4263 (select option 2) or

Best Sellers 1 Rack
Tau Empire XV104 Riptide Battlesuit
Best-Sellers 1 contains the boxed products from our best-selling ranges. Many of the products in this range are the ones first selected by new hobbyists (and thus are amongst our fastest sellers), including the boxed games for each of our gaming systems and the Hobby Starter Set. Assembling and painting of miniatures is a key part of the Games Workshop hobby. The hobby products in this range (paints, brushes, etc) provide a wide range of price points (complementing the higher price points of the boxed products) and as they are constantly in demand, mean your customers will return again and again on a regular basis to your store to refill their supplies (and of course check out all the other products).

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The XV104 Riptide is a technological marvel of the Tau Empire.  The model is huge, towering over the battlefield – even tanks look small next to it!  Sleek armor panels, along with bolts and grills, cover its body.  Despite its enormous size, with ball and socket joints it remains a maneuverable model whose arms and legs can be posed in a variety of different ways.  Either standing tall or even kneeling down, it can be used as a unique, dynamic centerpiece for a Tau army.

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6211 East Holmes Road
Memphis, TN 38141
Ph: 1-800-394-4263

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