Do you ever wonder if your friend would rather chew shards of broken glass or sit on a lighted barbecue grill? Founder of Zobmondo, Randy Horn, did and turned his curiosity into one of the most talked about social party games. 

Zobmondo is a game containing a series of "Would You Rather" questions where you’re forced to choose between two bad options, a simple but brilliant icebreaker for any social occasion. 

The concept of Zobmondo is an old trick creator, Randy Horn, discovered to liven up any event. By asking ludicrous questions and challenging people with unappealing options, Horn realized people’s enthusiastic reactions to participate turned the simple dinner gathering into a festival of laughter. 

However, it wasn’t until later that Horn noticed the golden opportunity of turning his "Would You Rather" idea into an actual game. After the pressure was on during a blind date with two other couples, Horn made a quick attempt to use his fail-proof strategy of asking yet another one of his preposterous questions. Fail-proof indeed, the constant laughing and the sudden uproar of the conversation drowned the chilling silence. This success was the last straw for Horn before he confided in his roommate that turning this mastermind into a game was inevitable. 

Zobmondo has come a long way since the blind date that marked the beginning of its birth. As a new board game mainly targeted at adults 17 and up, Zobmondo broke the top 25 sales in 2000 gaining 1.1% market share in its first year due to its apparent original concept. The content of Zobmondo is meant to entice enthusiasm and encourage feedback among the players hence its edgy content. If you’re a little too touchy when it comes to sickeningly vivid images, Zobmondo is also offered in a milder version licensed by Hasbro but still meant for adults 17 and older. Not to deprive the younger generation of such creativity, Zobmondo Entertainment has distributed a third version of the game Zobmondo!! Lite, The Prequal for ages 12 and up. However, your last resort to experience the original Zobmondo board game is to purchase it on ebay for they have been out of print and are very exclusive. 

After the overwhelming success of the Zobmondo board game everyone wanted a piece of the action. Workman Publishing, a well renowned New York publisher, released the Zobmondo humor book in December 2001. With 70,000 copies in print the book has been well received among Zobmondo fans. In summer of 2002 fans can also expect a Page-a-Day calendar to be released by Workman Publishing as well. 

Zobmondo is a step ahead of its competitors using modern technology to spread its wings. Codeonline Ltd, a Finnish leading company provider of global wireless entertainment has collaborated with Motorola and has distributed Zobmondo Wireless in the UK and Finland. The concept of the game does not change when played on the mobile phone. You still have to choose from the lucid "Would You Rather" option and guess what percentage of people chose the same options as you. Not to worry loyal American fans, a deal is almost definitive in the U.S sometime this summer. 

Daring to take Zobmondo a step farther, Studios USA Television has financed the Zobmondo TV-show planning to air within 18 months. Cable and TV networks such as Comedy Central and MTV competing for the opportunity to air the Zobmondo TV show.

There are no guarantees that Zobmondo might stop at a TV show. It might someday be the brand of the candy bar you eat, the cover of the video game you play and the phrase on the clothes you wear. Zobmondo is set to becoming a household name in your home.

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Randy Horn, Founder of Zobmondo.

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