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The Yackle Ball line are America's NEW X shaped balls that's fun for everyone regardless of age or athletic ability and performs incredible because of their phenomenal aerodynamics.

Yackle Ball Jr. is for children starting at age 2. Yackle Ball Jr. is easier to grip for young children and lighter than the full size Yackle Ball. The X shape make catching easy and improves motor skills. The games are educational, build hand-eye-coordination, stimulate creativity and encourage active play. The softness makes it safe and it is 100% Made in the USA! Its uniqueness makes it a great gift and young children often play with older children and parents. Rated 4 stars in every category by Lekotek/Able Play

Yackle Ball starts at age 5-6 for boys and 7-8 for girls and Yackle Ball Jr. for the little ones. Currently, there are over six games right up to a full team sport that has been introduced into some schools and even college students are playing. A wonderful energetic outdoor activity the whole family, large or small, can play. Yackle Ball is easy to catch, even for the littlest of hands or the clumsiest of people. Its softness reduces the fear of being hit with the ball and the X-shape makes a beginner's "hug catch" more likely to work due to Yackle Ball's "arms". Those same qualities make it user-friendly for children with developmental delays or physical disabilities. It's constructed of premium quality water-resistant marine vinyl so they're awesome at the beach. Yackle Ball is safe and durable; allowing for years of excitement and fun. Rated 4 stars in every category by Lekotek/Able Play

Free shipping within the continental US for first orders of 2 cases or more. For all other areas the cost of shipping to the farthest point within the continental US is deducted from the shipping cost on first orders of 2 cases or more. Minimum order is 1 case (10 pieces on Yackle Ball and 12 on Yackle Ball Jr.) We ship wordwide!

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