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Caps For Toy Guns

Don't Let Children Put Caps for Toy Guns in Their Pockets

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recommends that parents warn children not to put ring caps, paper roll caps, or strip caps for toy guns in their pockets because friction can ignite the caps and cause burns. Toy caps contain a small amount of a pyrotechnic material that ignites when struck and creates a loud noise accompanied by sparks. Some manufacturers label their packages cautioning users not to carry caps in pockets.

CPSC urges parents to explain the hazards of ignition of toy caps to children and to make sure that children not put caps in their pockets.

CPSC reminds parents that caps may also pose a noise hazard. A current CPSC regulation limits the decibel level of caps to no more than 158 decibels. A warning label is mandatory on caps in the 138 to 158 decibel level, as follows:

"WARNING - Do not fire closer than 1 foot to the ear. Do not use indoors."

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