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Resources Available to Toy and Hobby Retailers

More than 1,500 Profile Pages of Toy and Hobby Manufacturers and Wholesalers

Search by Product Category
Category listings of US toy and hobby inventors, importers, representatives, wholesalers, and manufacturers.

Search by Company Name
Alphabetical listings of manufacturers, wholesalers, and representatives.

Request Wholesale Information and Catalogs
You may receive catalogs and product information from participating toy and hobby wholesalers and manufacturers. To apply, you must have a Business License Numberor a Resale Permit.
More than 10,000 unique and interesting products covered

Search for products
Search by company name, product name, age, price, product category and "videos only" for products with demonstration videos shot by TDmonthly.

Search for articles about these products
Read about product reviews, trends and what TDmonthly researchers have to say about these products

More than 700 video demos of toys and games

TDmonthly Videos
TDmonthly Magazine staff demonstrate toys and games inside and outside the box so you can see what you get before you order. Videos arranged by category make viewing the toys you need fast and easy.

Trade Show Videos
Manufacturers demonstrate their toys from trade shows such as Toy Fair 2007 , WTHRA in Pomona 2007 and Games Expo 2007, as well as Toy Fair and Pomona from 2006.

Learning Resources on Buying & Selling Toys

ToyDirectory & TDmonthly Forums
Forums where you can share your gripes and raves with other specialty retailersRegister on our Forums with a nickname so you can vent freely. Find out which manufacturers work well with specialty retailers and which don't.

TDmonthly Expert Reviews
Don't place your orders until you find out what moms, kids and experts think about toys with our Infant/Toddler, Preschool/Early School, Homeschooler and Dolls Roundtables, plus our TDmonthly Editorial Reviews.

How to Tell If Your Rep Is Cheating
Sales reps can make or break a toy business, so TDmonthly Magazine grilled manufacturers and retailers to find out how to determine if a rep's thinking more of his own bottom-line than of yours.

Lend a Toy, Gain a Sale
Although selling toys is understandably the focus for retailers, lending them is a trend that may hook customers. Toy loans often turn into toy sales, according to both retailers and manufacturers interviewed by TDmonthly Magazine.

Retailing Tips: How to Find the Right Books
When choosing books for your toy store or bookstore, it is difficult to predict which ones will bring in high volume and low returns. TDmonthly Magazine spoke with publishing professionals and retailers about how to work with your rep to find the best matches for your store.

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