Manufacturers/Wholesalers of Yo-Yos
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Customer IconAstrojax USA - Active People
Westerville, OH

While games like diabolo or yo-yo have been around for hundreds of years, Astrojax is an entirely new breed of toy, a revolutionary concept with possibilities we are only just starting to understand.

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Customer IconDuncan Toys
Middlefield, OH

Flambeau brings plastic to life from Duncan toys to Flambeau Industrial Products and Packaging Solutions, the diverse quality products of our many divisions touch lives young and old, far and wide.

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Customer IconKendama, Inc.
Henderson, NV

We import and distribute kendamas, a Japanese wooden ball-and-cup juggling and balance skill toy.

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Fountain Valley, CA

What happens when you combine the fun & tricks of a Yo-Yo with the aerodynamic characteristics of a flying disc and add a little imagination? You get a Whole New Thing! Easy to throw...Easy to catch... FLIP N FLYER increases hand/eye coordination while it teaches gyroscopic principles.

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Fall River, MA

Yomega is a manufacturer and distributor of high performance yo-yos and other skill toys.

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