May 19, 2022

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Let TDmonthly Be Your Eyes ... and Save Your Feet

By Alison Marek

Four days of pounding the Javits Center trade floor and touring the greatest city on earth might make your local podiatrist happy, but TDmonthly Magazine's tips and strategies can save you miles and time. From videos on what to bring with you to recommendations on booths to visit, we'll try to steer you down the right aisles.

We'll be covering the show for you, too, so you can browse through the Best of the Fair on your laptop or hotel computer at night and plan your next day with ease. After the show, we'll bring back dozens of videos of new and exciting products that you might have missed, or need a refresher on before ordering.

Click on "Play Video" at left get some survival tips.The video on the right will teach you how to use TDmonthly to find new toys during Toy Fair and beyond. (You can read summaries of the videos below)

Finally, read the tips articles, and browse our Top-10 Toy Fair Picks in the categories of your choice (coming soon):

Articles: How to Survive Toy Fair, Making the Most of Trade Shows, Why We Go to Toy Fair ... or Don't, Trade Show Dos and Don'ts


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Top-10 Toy Fair Picks by category (coming soon!):

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