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February 2009 | Vol. VIII - No. 2

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Straight from the Big Apple … It’s Toy Fair!

By Julie L. Jones
February 2009

Whether you’re running the show circuit or tidying things up in the store to make room for exciting new products, grab the scoop on what’s new via our Notable & New Toys articles (including “Specialty Only!”), and find out what’s selling in our top-10 list of the month, a retailer’s “My Best Sellers” article and our monthly Regional Reports. Read on for more on this issue.


What should you be doing to make sure your store’s website is doing its job? For starters, make sure each page clearly tells customers how to contact your store, and keep the ordering process as simple and streamlined as possible. Read “Retailing Tips: Are Your Online Sales In Line?" for “checkup” questions to ask yourself and for additional advice on maximizing your virtual presence whether you sell online or not.


Whether you’re at Toy Fair or not this month, you can get daily updates on the show right as it’s taking place. On Feb. 15-18, TDmonthly’s Toy Fair Correspondent and video crew will be combing the exhibition halls discovering (and filming!) great new products — highlighting toys, games and gifts for the specialty market. Access TDmonthly’s exclusive Toy Fair section [see last year's coverage] for Products of the Day lists, retailers’ comments about the latest offerings, photos and more.


Need new toys for the new year? Check out a fresh batch of specialty toys in our Staff Picks article, previewed with a few highlights below:


Pilloroo Pillow by PILLOROO DESIGNS LLCThe Pilloroo is the pillow with the surprise pouch. Each pillow has a zippered pocket at the top that opens to a hidden pocket big enough for a small toy, book or remote control. The pillow is stuffed just enough so kids can’t feel the toy from the outside. There are eight themes for girls and eight themes for boys. Each Pilloroo comes with a toy that coordinates with the theme. "The Pilloroo is the best hiding spot for kids!" President Vicky McQuoid of Pilloroo Designs told TDmonthly. This product received a 2008 Mom's Best Award. Launch date: September 2008. 12/19/2008 (MSRP: $29.95; Age: 3 and Up)

Consensus® Movie Edition by MINDLOGIC INC.

Consensus® Movie Edition by MINDLOGIC INC.In this Movie Edition of Consensus®, launching in March 2009, the object of the game remains the same as in the original Consensus®, but the central theme of the game revolves around movies. Game play is driven by questions of opinion regarding movies. (Watch the Consensus® Movie Edition Video Watch Video) 12/24/2008 (MSRP: $24.95; Age: 17 to Adult)

Hairdresser Art Smock by KIDZSMOCKS INC.

The Hairdresser art smock comes in a pink design with illustrations of a hairdresser's common items, such as a comb, brush, and scissors. It is 100% waterproof and can be fastened on from the back with Velcro. 12/18/2008

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