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December 2010 | Vol. IX - No. 12

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Summarized Conclusions of December Articles

By TDmonthly Staff
December 2010

December Staff Picks: Staff selections for December covering hobby goods, collectibles, and novelties. read more

Our Best Sellers: 26 Nationwide Retailers: Collection of surveyed retailers on top-selling products across the nation. read more

VIDEOS: How I Found My Niche: Retailer interviews and testimonials on the origins of their unique specialty stores. read more

How to Find Your Soul Employees, Part I: Hiring: The right quality of staff is essential to keep a toy store running smoothly. read more

How to Find Your Soul Employees, Part II: Training: Experts break down keys to training and maintaining a healthy and happy staff. read more

How to Have the Hottest Toys: Best-selling products this season, with mass market faves and their specialty alternatives. read more

Hottest High-Tech Holiday Toys: Tech toys that fuse state-of-the-art electronics and technology with interactivity. read more

BEST SELLERS: Top-10 Most-Wanted Flying Toys: Rockets popular, with Poof-Slinky, Marky Sparky Toys, and D & L Company blasting away. read more

BEST SELLERS: Top-10 Most-Wanted Hobby Goods: Slot cars, R/C helicopters and vehicles still popular, with Kid Galaxy a fan favorite. read more

BEST SELLERS: Top-10 Most-Wanted School Supplies and Educational: Top Sellers in this category include toys that teach verbal skills, physical dexterity, and mathematics. read more

5 REVIEWS: Summary of Hundreds of Online Toy Reviews: TD's scout reports back high-rated products from easy-to-store activity gyms to talking hamsters. read more

Ostriches Never Win: Expert lists ten things independent businesses do to hurt their own business, citing the resulting damages. read more

How to Organize Your Workspace: Guest expert on organizing workspace for maximum focus of immediate work and ad hoc connections for peripheral tasks. read more

Barbie Poses Moral Doll-Emma: A look into the debate over the influence of adult-themed Barbie dolls on children. read more

How to Make Money Without Really Trying: b. dazzle, inc. offers a look into their award-winning puzzles and their effective sales strategies. read more

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