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Product added on: 2/14/2015

On July 4th, 2008, Goliath Games LLC opened its U.S. company, headed by board game guru David Norman which is primarily selling products developed by Goliath B.V. in Holland.  Goliath Games, LLC currently markets over 20 products in the U.S.  We sell family, travel, skill and action, and strategy games.  The company’s main objective is to sell games that allow families to be Clever Together.

Some of our most popular games are Rolit which is an international best-selling game and very simple to play because it can be learned in less than a minute.  The object of the game is to surround your opponents playing pieces and switch them to your color.  It’s a strategy oriented game for the whole family and you can spend a lifetime trying to master it. 

Our newest game steered towards younger children ages four to seven is Pop the Pig.  The game is simple and fun.  Roll the die and whatever color it lands on you pick that color burger.  Press the pig’s head down each time you feed him.  Watch his belly get bigger, bigger and bigger!  But be careful, if you feed him too much his belt will explode and you lose.  This game helps children learn to follow rules, take turns and play well with others.

Goliath Games is a board game manufacturer of family games, travel games, and television promoted skill and action games.

Minimum $150 opening order. Terms are prepaid C.O.D., credit card or Net 30 on approval credit. 
Minimum re-order is $100.

Pre-payment for all international shipments.

Free freight for all TDmonthly members who purchase over $500.

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