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Product added on: 7/15/2009

motif: what can you create?

Newartifacts is a project of a group of artists, designers and entrepreneurs from Uruguay, South America that envision integrating art into daily life while transforming life into an art. We develop and create unique artifacts, with the intention to generate original perceptual experiences.

One of our products immediately outgrew the borders of our country and soon made it to the states.
Formerly known as NUEVE, this product has been successfully sold for the last two years all over United States, on design-lifestyle stores, museum stores, etc. (e.g.:The National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C., Guggenheim Museum, etc.)

Now we are re-introducing it as MOTIF. New name, new packaging, new identity.  And two different pattern designs, MOTIF 01 and MOTIF 02.

what can you create?

no right answer or winning move.
unlike a traditional game or puzzle with only one solution or outcome, motif has countless possibilities.
no matter how you combine motif cubes, their patterns always match creating billions of beautiful images. (68,719,476,736 to be exact!!)
so relax, and create.

newartifacts: unique artifacts, unique experience.

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