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Howler Brands LLC

Bridgeport, CT

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About Howler Brands LLC

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Product added on: 7/3/2008

Howler Brands is all about the fun, lighter side of Halloween and most importantly, creating products to promote a safer Halloween.

We have a wide range of products to replace candles that are used to light up Jack O'Lanterns and Luminaries on Halloween. Our Amazing Battery Operated Pumpkin Light Collection is one of the best and fastest growing accessory categories on Halloween. We have a Rainbow 7 Color Changing Pumpkin Light and a Pumpkin Light that flickers exactly like a candle, yet with 3 super bright yellow LED's the need to light up a Pumpkin with candles is forever gone.

We also have a New Patented way to light up Pumpkins by placing our Pumpkin Pal Stakes through the skin of the pumpkin.

Our Rainbow Night Saber is a fun alternative to a typical flashlight with a 9 mode color changing chip that the kids can control and play with as they walk around to do their trick or treating.

Which brings us to our Hands Free Pumpkin Pouch trick or treat bag. The first ever hands free trick or treat bag worn like a mailman's sack, so the kid's hands are free to help balance and keep from falling, all with a safety light on the shoulder strap for better visibility of the kids.

Our brand new line of flameless luminaries called PATHlites are available for all holidays and our votive candle replacement lights called Flickers , which come in 5 amazing colors and will last over 100 hours ,eliminates the need to have to ever use candles indoors or out again.

And so much more....with 94% of all children participating in Halloween between the ages 4 and 12 each year and with over 100 million pumpkins being sold each year....we feel the responsibility to speak out and do all we can to protect the families and their children on what is suppose to be one of the children's most favorite and fun filled nights of the year.

We're doing it one pumpkin and one household at a time...we urge you to do the day lighting up Jack O'Lanterns and luminaries with candles will go the way of the rotary phone and 8 track cassette...and our world will be a better, safer place because of it.

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