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Gamera: Now Available in the U.S.
Gamera Toys

These pre-painted vinyl kits from Gamera are easily assembled with a blow dryer. Planned character releases are Gamera (1995), Gamera (1996), Gyaos (1995), Legion Soldiers (1996), Legion (1996) Gamera 3 (1999), Hyper Gyaos (1999), Iris Baby (1999), Iris (1999), and Trauma Gamera (1999).  X-Plus USA  (702) 558-7899

Is That an Action Figure on Your Shoulder?
SAFs (Shoulder Action Figures)
A new concept in Action Figures, the SAFs, from Shocker Toys, literally perch on your shoulder. Equipped with motion controls, and with plans for a speech component, the Shoulder Action Figure is sure to be a hit with every age group. Shocker Toys 

Battling Robotic Insects From Space!
Insectazoids are remote-controlled robotic insects whose eyes glow, head and jaws move, and can battle other remote-controlled Insectazoids. Burns Novelty and Toy Co.Insectazoids

New Take on Action Figures
Construction Jack
Construction Jack, a new action figure from Link Innovations, brings trades-people to the action figure market place. With a carpenter, plumber, painter, electrician, and plans for more, Construction Jack is ready to build its share of the market. Construction Jack

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