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Email Broadcasting to Screened and Verified US-based and International Toy Retailers

What is an Email Broadcast?

  • 14,600+ retailers have registered on, telling us about which type of toys they would like to receive information about.
  • Our database collects and sorts this information, allowing us to send highly targeted emails to these retailers.
  • You can send your product information to retailers that have specifically asked for information on your product category/type.

E-mail Broadcast Costs: 15 to 29 cents per Email (plus one-time set up fee of $65.00)

Emails sent to our registered members include this statement:

Dear [buyer’s name],

Thank you for your request from to send you information regarding "Your Category," "Your Category" and related products. The following information regarding product ideas for your store is being sent to you on behalf of Your Company.

[Insert Your Text and Graphics Here]


For further information please call:


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