On A Lark Introduces its new interactive Hide-and-Seek Plush Cats.

The world is filled with children's toys that are high-tech, but don't offer our children the opportunity to simply have fun and learn with their parents, instead of just sitting alone in front of a television or computer screen.

The Hide-and-Seek Plush cats answer this call, taking a classic well-loved game and bringing it to an interactive form fun for kids and parents alike. Each 10 inch tall plush cat contains a patented voice module that enables it to play Hide-and-Seek with kids. Press the cat's paw, and the cat is now activated to call out "I'm over here!" every 30 seconds from its hiding place. When the cat is found and picked up, a motion sensor is triggered that causes the cat to respond joyfully "You found me! You found me! Give me a big hug! Let's Play Hide-and-Seek AGAIN!"

Hide-and-Seek cats are great for entertaining kids and encourages safe indoor play. Cute, colorful, huggable and only 10 inches tall, the cats can be hidden in a myriad of little spaces that open up a whole new world of Hide-and-Seek in the home. Created by the inventor of the Easy Bake Oven and Baby Alive, which are also based on fundamental play values and concepts, this new tweak on Hide-and-Seek is bound to be a favorite for kids.

Product Awards/ Recognition: National Parenting Center Seal of Approval April 2002. Featured by CNN at Toy Fair in Pick of Hottest New Toys for 2002

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