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A PC is Smarter Than a TV
By William K. Wolfrum
November 1, 2002

So, you thought your computer was only good for solitaire and online chatting?

Think again. The world of PC games is constantly expanding, and there are fantastic games for younger children that are unavailable on console gaming systems. Games that not only entertain, but educate kids about computers and numerous other topics. The comeback of video-game consoles has lately overshadowed computer games. But for strategic playing, the PC is still the place.

Top-sellers include “Sims,” in which the player creates characters and follows them in their day-to-day-world. Build them houses, get them jobs, dress them up; it’s all up to you. Other PC games let you build towns, civilizations, or even roller coasters. Most games include features for online gaming as well, often playing more smoothly than console systems.

Other games for kids include Scrabble, Harry Potter games, Zoo Tycoon (Create and manage a zoo), and endless “Adventure Workshop” games from The Learning Company. The Adventure Workshops are designed for preschoolers on up, with fun, colorful activities to help build skills in vocabulary, reading comprehension, addition and subtraction, logic, art, and just about everything else your kid’s overworked teacher would like to do.

1) The Sims Unleashed: New homes, parks, pet stores, cafes and markets, character skins and jobs keep this title fresh and lively.
2) Civilization III: Think you could be the next Napoleon? Here’s your chance to prove it.
3) The Elder Scrolls III: Marrowmind: A role-playing game for those looking to escape their less enchanted lives.
4) Medal of Honor: Allied Assault: It’s World War II; here’s your rifle, now go save the world.
5) Mafia: Here’s your chance to be Tony Soprano, minus the shrink.
6) Grand Theft Auto III: Steal cars from the comfort and safety of your computer screen.
7) RollerCoaster Tycoon 2: Think Six Flags is for grandmothers? Build your own park and show them how it’s done.
8) Earth & Beyond: Creating and conquering a world isn’t enough? Go against other online players and take over the universe.
9) Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2: Get in a realistic cyber-car and drive fast. Really fast.
10) Everquest: Planes of Power: A fantasy role-playing game with such addictive action, you might end-up moving the refrigerator closer to the computer.


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