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Using angles based on the number 7, these unique MAGNETIC tiles allow you to easily make your own aesthetically pleasing designs with repeating and non-repeating patterns. Use FRACTILES-7 to create starbursts, spirals, butterflies, beautiful mandalas of infinite complexity, bouquets of flowers, swarms of fireflies, spaceships, illusions of 3D space, and lots more.

FRACTILES-7 facilitates an intuitive grasp of spatial relationships and invites deeper exploration.

-MAGNETIC pieces stay put--makes a great TRAVEL TOY -Use pieces with the BLACK ACTIVITY BOARD or on the fridge -PUZZLE with millions of solutions--limitless combinations and diverse designs -EASY to use -STIMULATES CREATIVITY -RELAXING group or solo activity

Made in the U.S.A.

CPSIA compliant

FRACTILES-7 now comes in three editions.

Fridge Fractiles:

-48 brilliantly colored, flexible MAGNETIC tiles -Refrigerator not included -Illustrated cardboard CD style package to store tiles -Suggested Retail: $11.95

Travel Edition:

-96 brilliantly colored, flexible MAGNETIC tiles -Sturdy 8" x 8" black textured STEEL activity board -Illustrated instructional material -Double record album style package to store board and tiles -Suggested Retail: $29.95

Large Edition:

-192 brilliantly colored, flexible MAGNETIC tiles -Sturdy 12" x 12" black textured STEEL activity board -Illustrated instructional material -Double record album style package to store board and tiles -Suggested Retail: $49.95

FRACTILES-7 is for ages 6 to adult.


STEM Endorsement of Fractiles

Retailers love Fractiles:

"Fractiles is a Timbuk Toys favorite! Materials are good quality, it's made in Colorado, and it is a perfect "STEM" toy that teaches math while kids play. In fact, it plays into "STEAM" because it has a strong art component, too!  Fractiles was way ahead of its time, and now is perfectly positioned to become a hot seller for all the families who are looking to enhance education through play! We recommend Fractiles for anyone who is looking for a unique, good quality toy to give to a child, or it makes a great family gift that can be enjoyed by all ages. It's also a fun item to take to the vacation condo because it can be played with solo, or multiple people can play together to make patterns. Plus, teachers love it as a workstation in their classrooms!" - Sallie Kashiwa, owner/president of Timbuck Toys in Co.

"We have carried Fractiles for several years and, on top of being a great selling toy, they have become one of our personal favorites. They are educational, reasonably priced, and made in America by a reputable company. It's very rare for a toy line to meet all of those qualifications." - Kristine Reed from Whispering Winds in Mr. Dora, Fla.

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