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Leaping Legs Creative Movement Programs

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About Leaping Legs Creative Movement Programs

The focus of Leaping Legs Creative Movement Programs is to help people regardless of age, experience or ability, become educated about their movement potential, develop kinesthetic awareness, and become more physically fit and healthy TOGETHER as a family, school, and community.

Leaping Legs promotes its goal through the Up Down and All Around DVD.

Up Down & All Around
will keep you and your children/students fit by focusing on the three components of a healthy exercise program: strength, stretch and endurance. We achieve this balance through games and movement activities that are fun, silly and encourage adult-child interactions. We focus on understanding the elements of movement and exercise to create a program accessible to all levels of movers. The movements often vary, keeping the participants interested, entertained and connected to their bodies. An exciting bonus to this program is the element of live original music performed by children’s music artist Steve Blunt. What can be more fun than keeping your body healthy and strong by practicing new ways of moving to great toe tapping music?

This movement program is unique because it was designed specifically to be utilized by educators and parents. For this reason, a comprehensive movement guide is available to use in conjunction with the DVD. This is an all-inclusive program that is easy to follow, easy to do and is accessible for living rooms, activity rooms and gymnasiums alike.

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