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1400 E. Inman Pkwy
Beloit, WI 53511

Phone: 800-524-4263
Fax: 608-362-8178
Toll free phone: 800-524-4263

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Uberstix YouTube Channel

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About Uberstix

The ultimate building system for kids and adults. Works independently or in concert with recycled materials such as straws, Popsicle® sticks, water bottles, paperclips, etc... Create buildings and structures that are taller than you, bridges that support working trains, boats that float and sail, planes that fly, and ÜberFO's (UFO's) that hover. Überstix® inspires creativity while teaching kids and adults basic to advanced concepts in geometry, math, engineering and basic physics. Flexible components allow for working hinges, levers and other simple machines. Interlocking parts mate to form structures to create foundations, pillars, and cross bracing that is the cornerstone of great architecture.

Learn to improvise by recycling water bottles, McDonald's® straws, and Popsicle® Sticks into your building projects with Überstix®. Let your imagination soar as you experiment with the ultimate interlocking building toy.

The first and only construction system that teaches real world building with the new MCB series - Measure, Cut, Build. Whether it is a craft project for a small child or a model being built by a professional hobbyist, the ÜberCutter™ delivers precise straight cuts, common angles and everything in between.  The clear base allows you to see the cut before you make it.  Use the ÜberCutter™ to modify Überstix® components, and to cut popsicle sticks, balsa wood, straws, leather, small dowels, foam core, tongue depressors, scrap-booking materials and much more...

Überstix® has a few new lines that just came out. Helio Morphing Aero Sleds™ combine recycled materials to build wind powered vehicles that actually sail across the land that morph into and aerodynamic race positions. AeroForce™ delivers actual flying Überstix®. Build gliders using the supplied direction sheet then build your own. These gliders really fly!

McDonald’s® is a registered trademark of the McDonald’s® corporation. Popsicle® is a registered trademark of Popsicle® Industries.

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Dane Scarborough
Uberstix YouTube Channel
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Toll free phone: 800-524-4263
Fax: 608-362-8178
Uberstix YouTube Channel

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