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U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

Contact U.S. Games Systems, Inc.:

Phone: 203-353-8400
Fax: 203-353-8431
Toll free phone: 800-544-2637

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About U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

Main Product Line: Educational card games, Family card games, Children’s card games, Historical card games, Specialty playing cards, Tarot decks and books.

Minimum order is $100 at wholesale.

U. S. Games Systems, Inc., founded in 1968, publishes more than 400 proprietary products encompassing the world of tarot in deck and book form, specialty playing cards, informational card decks and games and educational games for the entire family.

Products include: Wizard Card Game, TableTalk Conversation Series including BaseballTalk, FootballTalk and GreenTalk, Natural World Series, Old West Series, Civil War Series, WWI & WWII Series, Snatch-It Word Game, Quickword Board Game, Military, Black History Card Game, Presidential Cards, American History Cards, Native American Educational Cards, Creative Whack pack, Optical Illusions Cards, Duo Card Game, Continuo and Hexagon Continuo, and Vintage Cards. Over 100 popular tarot decks and deck/book sets including Rider-Waite Tarot.

The company is a licensee of A&E and has created the History Channel's 20th Century Time Travel Card Game, and a variety of fun, theme oriented and historical playing cards.

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