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Unlike other puzzles, SphereXyz isn't about physical dexterity, its about mental skill and having fun! Rigorously play-tested throughout the U.S. with the target audience, users loved the challenge, competition and pursuit of success. After numerous reaction-testings, it was found that people the love the tactile feel and play of the puzzle.

SphereXyz includes 2 rotating hemispheres and 2 distinct color tile sets that move inside grooved canals. The fun begins when you scramble the color tiles and begin to arrange them back to their original position. You win when one white square is at the north pole and south pole; and have one set of colors is on each hemisphere. To do this, you twist the hemispheres at the equator and slide the tiles on the rings that orbit the puzzle. There are so many possibilities, you will quickly want to re-scramble the puzzle and play again time after time.

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