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What is it?

ToyDirectory is a B2B site where retailers can find information on companies and their products. The site features various company profile pages that operate like highly interactive yellow pages. Each manufacturer's listing will contain all the information you need to reach that company.

Several tools are available to our retailer subscribers, including a catalog request form, subscription to our free monthly newsletter (TDmonthly Magazine®) and a trade events calendar.

How does it work?

To begin searching for manufacturers, refer to the section in the upper left hand corner entitled "Search For Manufacturers." Directly below that you'll see two links, "By Product Category" and "By Company Name." If you click the former, a categories page will pop up and you'll be able to search for companies by choosing from our 114 different categories. If you're looking for a specific company and choose the latter, you'll be able to search for them alphabetically.

Another way you can search is by utilizing the Toy Product Search function found towards the top of the home page. This search engine will search the company names as well as their product names to ensure you find what you're looking for.

Features of ToyDirectory

Monthly Newsletter and Catalog Request

This service is available to you at no cost and helps you keep in touch with what's new in the toy industry. To sign up, refer to the section at the top of the page entitled "Services For Retailers." Below that you'll see a link entitled "Catalog Request." Once you click on this link and confirm that you want to submit a catalog request, an order form page will come up. Simply choose the categories you're interested in, fill out all of the pertinent information and make sure to check off the "Receive the TDmonthly eMagazine at no charge. (Trade Publication)" box. This will ensure that you receive our monthly newsletter.

Trade Events Calendar

The trade events calendar has up-to-date information on all the trade events and conventions that take place throughout the year. These shows cover the toy industry as well as the gift, hobby and game industries. To access the events calendar, find the section entitled "Features" on the top right hand side of the page. Locate the link entitled "Events" and the calendar will come up or click here.

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