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About Us

Welcome to TDmonthly Magazine® and ToyDirectory® Inc. — The B2B Platform for the Toy Industry.Improving the World Through Positive Play.

At ToyDirectory® Inc. and TDmonthly Magazine® we believe that playing with high-quality toys helps children to develop compassion, creativity, and intellect that stay with them as they grow, contributing to a more peaceful world.

Our founder and current CEO Bob Naimi started the company in 1996. Since then, we have connected retailers with specialty toys that are not only fun, but that also help to nurture children's musical, kinesthetic, logical, linguistic, spatial, and inter/intrapersonal sensibilities.

We believe that children who have the opportunity to engage with such stimulating toys grow to have a better understanding of themselves and their peers, and are better able to find creative solutions to their problems, rather than relying on aggression and violence to get their way.

With this in mind, as of 2004 we no longer allow toy guns to be featured on our site, preferring instead to showcase the toys that will help little ones learn cooperation, self reliance, and, of course, how to have fun!

If you're a retailer looking for this type of toy, you can browse through ToyDirectory. This site gives retailers access to a database of tens of thousands of toys, and helps connect specialty toy store owners and buyers with information on the different products and services offered by specialty manufacturers.

Looking to learn more about the specialty toys that are not only enriching kids' lives, but are also flying off of retailers' shelves? Then head on over to TDmonthly Magazine, our entirely online magazine that focuses on best selling specialty toys, news about the toy industry, and advice by retailers, for retailers on various aspects of running a small business.

We hope you find what you're looking for, and remember — just like TDmonthly Magazine® and ToyDirectory® Inc., it's specialty retailers and manufacturers like you who are "Improving the World Through Positive Play."

Here's what one of our 14,600+ registered retailer readers[?] had to say about our site:

"I love getting (TDmonthly)! I saw the PUMGO (by LandSurf) for the first time on your site and I brought it in and did pretty well with it. And I was the only one in Montana who had it … It's actually pretty great!" —Denise Hoffman, owner of A Pocketful of Toys, Fallon, MT.

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Retailers aren't the only ones to use ToyDirectory® and TDmonthly Magazine®; toy manufacturers, both big and small, benefit, too:

"Two days after we went live on TDmonthly, we got a phone call from a distributor who has 37 points of distribution. She'd seen our game on ToyDirectory and asked for a sample to show her boss. We sent her a full-scale comp and she called back to say 'We're in ... can we get it early?' We've made four pre-Toy Fair sales so far with TDmonthly!" —Tara Murphy, founder, Elastic Earth
"The HABA corporation has been extremely pleased with the quantity and the quality of the leads that and consistently sends to us. We would like to thank the ToyDirectory staff for their assistance in planning our marketing strategy and the consistently valuable customer service your organization provides. Thank you for doing such a great job!" — Lea Culliton, National Sales & Marketing Director, Habermaass Corp. dba HABA USA
Douglas Company has been working with TOYDIRECTORY and TDmonthly for several years. We appreciate the continuous visibility to our market and the many leads that have become new retailers as customers. As we all know, the specialty gift and toy market is significantly driven by web-based marketing. We appreciate complementing our print materials with the carefully targeted, well-executed, and prolific exposure that TOYDIRECTORY and TDmonthly offers. The TDmonthly and ToyDirectory staff are competent, kind, and eager to help...that is priceless. We thank you for a very positive relationship over the years." — Erika Radich, marketing manager, Douglas Cuddle Toys

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