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Know A Baby, LLC

Contact Know A Baby, LLC:
79985 Rancho La Quinta Drive
La Quinta, CA 93065

Phone: 760-777-4664
Fax: 760-777-4664

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About Know A Baby, LLC

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Product added on: 1/3/2008

Know A Baby® LLC is an educational video company exclusively devoted to children and their world. Through years of research and study, we have developed outstanding, effective ways to communicate with young children, even while they are unable to tell us what they want.

At Know A Baby® LLC, we firmly believe that every child is born with a natural curiosity and love of learning. Our mission is to capitalize on those important qualities. Our videos are designed to nurture the inherent joy every child experiences when his or her mind is engaged and stimulated in positive ways with a healthy and fun-filled learning adventure. Our videos and DVD's bring amusement and pleasure to your child and introduce them to the adventurous world, which awaits them.

Our company strives to make learning a delight. We are committed to developing products that provide children with the tools that help them advance their motor and sensory skills. The enjoyable sights and sounds of our video permit each child's mind to learn and expand at it's own peaceful participatory experience. We introduce the child By placing your child in front of our videos you can be confident that your child is engaged in healthy learning and having a positive and enjoyable experience at the same time. to a wide variety of music, animals, shapes, sounds and colors.

There are no minimum order amounts and international shipments will be dealt with on an as needed basis.

Free freight on the first order of 500+

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