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Seattle, WA 98116

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About OOZ & OZ

Picture weird squiggles and swirls printed on a page. Imagine a cylindrical mirror magically un-twisting the squiggles and swirls into an amazing cartoon reflection. Find and crayon morphed shapes within the squiggles and swirls to make color appear in the right places in the cartoon reflection. This simple, but brain-tickling, 500 year-old optical illusion concept has been the inspiration behind OOZ & OZ's award winning Morph-O-Scopes™ KITS, PACKETS AND PARTY FUN PACKS - ingenious "Whoa! How did they do that?" activity toys that encourage exploration, nurture multiple intelligences, and stimulate the imagination through unique, engaging, eye-hand art and science play.

The Morph-O-Scopes Circus Kit boasts an unprecedented 19 national toy honors! The Morph-O-Scopes Sports of All Sorts Kit - brand new for the 2009 specialty toy market - has already begun earning awards and acclaim for its novel developmental and therapeutic benefits.

Retailers can trust Morph-O-Scopes.

  • Outstanding educational and play value
  • Loved by boys and girls, kids, tweens, teens, adults
  • Global appeal - all cultures
  • Made in America
  • Conforms to all applicable safety regulations

Retailers like our

  • Mix and match flexibility
  • Low opening and minimum orders
  • Attractive branding and packaging
  • Positive customer feedback
    "If you're going to spend on toys, this is one to get!"

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