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Vannuzza exists to inspire, educate and empower girls.

Self-Esteem + Diversity = Friendship!
Inspiration, That's What We Are All About!

We created a company that understands the importance of healthy self-esteem in children. Since we are multi-culture and multi-lingual, we wanted to share with children, the beauty of cultural diversity as well. We do that through our dolls and books. Therefore, we created dolls that look like real girls of different ethnic backgrounds, so that girls can identify with their dolls.

Three percent of the proceeds are to be spent as follows:

  1. To buy medicines and medical equipments for the hospital in the Seychelles.
  2. To develop an in-school breakfast program for children in Cameroon, Central Africa.

When girls feel like they are not good enough, we, at Vannuzza tell them that "they are enough!"

We communicate our messages to girls through our doll companion books and inspirational posters.

Vanange dolls®
Our dolls are beautiful and wholesome seven-year old girls who come from different parts of the world. They are learning about each other and they are developing very special friendships with one another from across the globe. They are extremely courageous and loving little girls who are ready to do what they can for other children in need. Their books are educational, inspirational and motivational!

Vanange Books®
Each book is based on the life story of the doll. Therefore, the stories are based on the real culture of the dolls. Each book has a chapter where we teach children few words and sentences in the language spoken in the country of the doll. For example, in Vannah's book, children learn sentences in French and Creole. In our books, we tell girls that they are loved, they are special, they are worthy, and they are beautiful just the way they are and that they are enough. Girls learn that they can achieve their dreams/goals as long as they believe in themselves.

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