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Product added on: 9/1/2004

Great-selling, interesting and unique games that bring people together is what makes We R FUN Games, well - FUN!

Life on the Farm Just Won: “Best Family Fun” Tillywig Toy Award and was also awarded Learning Magazine’s “Teacher’s Choice” Award.

Life on the Farm: This Legen-'dairy' board game combines fast 'moo'-ving action (with real family farm mishaps) for 'udder'-ly unpredictable FUN! As you race against your neighbors to invest in cows, your income and your expenses grow as fast as your herd does! Collect your 'Milk-Check' when you pass the barn. Market values can change with each roll of the dice. This game is filled with authentic family farm-life experiences, yet is easy to understand and play-it's a true family game that all ages enjoy playing together, comfortably. First to 'retire' wins! This multi- award winning game is praised for developing small business and money management skills.

Preschool Life on the Farm game (ages 3-7) is unique and FUN! The game-board is a large five piece floor puzzle. Draw a color card to travel the path, be the first to fill your empty barn with all 7 different shaped farm animals and win! Teaches colors and shapes, along with the basics of taking turns and playing a board game. Has a very colorful and cute farm design. Board, barn, and animal shaped pieces are made of soft non-toxic foam.

We R Fun also presents Minus 13, an intriguing new math game in a triangle box that draws a lot of customer attention! Minus 13 has an unique hexagon game board, designed from six stepped triangles. Shake dice to collect chips, roll again to determine value. This is a FUN new way to hone basic addition, subtraction and multiplication skills.

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