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The ToyDirectory MOM
By Hollie Bethany

Kid’s Ads: It’s the Laws That Make Them Funny

Too much regulation and too many laws are not going to keep your child from wanting THE NEW IMROVED SUPERDUPER LIMITED EDITION WOZZIT. So let’s be reasonable with regulations.

Remember when GI Joe was “the great American Hero,” kicking over boulders and running over to his Jeep™ to go pick up Barbie
® in her camper by the pool?

Apparently kids these days “do not know” that Joe cannot really kick over a boulder. So there is a disclaimer at the bottom of the screen stating, “action figure can not kick over a boulder.”

Hello…the kids who really think Joe can kick that boulder over by himself CAN’T READ. Who are we kidding with these disclaimers?

It’s getting so ridiculous. On the box that my son’s play table came in, under the photo of two cute kids playing at the table, it reads: “children not included.”

These are real live kids the disclaimer is referring to.

Now, I am not saying that Camel should be allowed to bring Joe Camel back, but there has to be some reasoning in passing the regulations manufacturers, retailers, and advertisers are required to follow. How about some common sense?

One last thing…to the advertising executive who came up with the “Got Chocolate Milk” ad with boy mixing milk and chocolate syrup in his mouth: from me and all the other parents of children under 4, “You are on Time Out! Go to your room!”

Now that’s a regulation I like.

~ Happy Playing! ~

Just the Facts:

Name: Hollie Bethany AKA The ToyDirectory MOM
Education: MBA International Economics and Marketing, Augusta State University
Toy Industry Experience: Ty Europe, GyGy Inc., Aquatat.com, SunKids
Child: Hunter, age 2 ½, thinks he is a stunt man.
About my column: A sometimes humorous toy industry/business issues perspective as tainted by the eyes of a mother.

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